Gothenburg Tilts for Croatia, France Lifts the Football’s World Cup 2018


The main streets of Gothenburg looked deserted on Sunday afternoon as the finals between France and Croatia began in Moscow as Gothenburgers assembled in different spots of the city to watch the match. The FIFA World Cup 2018 was hosted by Russia. From the start, the match was dominated by France with the first goal scored by Croatia (self-goal by Mario Mandžukić at 18th minute) for France.

The scene at Stora Teatern on Avenyn which attracted a largest number of people to watch the match 

France beat Croatia 4-2 and lifted the FIFA World Cup 2018. It won its first football world cup in 1998, and it is one of the eight national teams playing in the world cup matches since 1930.

There were screams of exhilaration in some pubs and restaurants when France scored a goal, and so was the case for Croatia. It seemed most of the fans in Gothenburg supported both France and Croatia in equal numbers. When spoke to couple of people on the streets, and managers of pubs and restaurants, found out that both the countries had equal number of supporters but many had a soft corner for Croatia.

Joe Farell’s manager on Avenyn said that there were more supporters for Croatia as the country had played good football, had never reached finals, and a sizeable number of Croatian-Swedes live here. Like when Croatia played against England in the semifinals there were more supporters for Croatia. Even today a sizeable number were seen clad in Croatian T-shirts.

The temporary television screens at Stora Teatern’s Storköket were turned away from facing the tramline and busline – Avenyn – due to security reasons. For the final world cup match, there were more number of people at Stora Teatern as those participating in the Gothia Cup came to watch.

The next football world cup will take place in Qatar in 2022.

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