Govindas: Fresh Food, Vegetarian, Vegan


Cafes and restaurants abound everywhere in Gothenburg aka Göteborg but the vegetarian and vegan ones are few though there are growing number of people turning to vegetarianism or vegan or both.

Govindas is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant located in old part of the city, Karl Johansgatan in Majorna and near Seaman’s Wife’s Tower, but well connected with trams (3, 9) and buses.

Govindas Restaurant in Gothenburg

The restaurant is run by the couple Arundhati aka Anke Bessler and István Sándor for over seven years, and assisted by Filip Westerlund and Susanne Forslund. Their guiding principles are to serve fresh food for the customers and to cook with devotional service.

Arundhati says her husband István starts the day in the temple in a meditative state and cooks food in a Vedic tradition – not spicy, with fresh vegetables and ingredients, and to the Sattvic standards.

The place resembles like a tropical garden with a banana plant, mango tree and lime among the temperate fauna. Susanne Forslund likes to work here for the place has an air of calm that reinforces a sense of peace.

István Sándor has been cooking for more than 20 years. He is in devotional service, and says he loves to cook food and to the satisfaction of customers to Govindas.

Govindas Restaurang (Restaurant)


Tel: 031-42 16 42
Adress: Karl Johansgatan 57 i Majorna

414 55 Gothenburg (Göteborg)

Opening times: 11:30 – 15:00

PODCAST on Govindas on SoundCloud:


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