Mountain for Kids to Climb and Play



Gothenburg aka Göteborg is also a children-friendly city. One of the spots for kids to play is an artistic mountain that can also inspire and kindle the young minds is the Mountain or Berget in Frihamnen.

The Mountain is built by the local government, the City of Gothenburg (Göteborgs Stad) because “Many residents of Gothenburg have asked for more meeting places that are close to the river. The Mountain is a playful water artwork for young and old alike. Come along and inspect the playground of the future, which bridges the gap between play and art. But please take care not to damage the art, so that others can enjoy it.”

-berg is a popular suffix of many Swedish surnames. Berg in Swedish means mountain, rock, hill. Ett berg – berget – berg – Bergen:  A MOUNTAIN – THE MOUTAIN – MOUNTAINS – THE MOUNTAINS


  • The water only runs in the summer months, but you can play on the mountain all year round
  • Do not drink the water. If you want water, there is a drinking water by the raised beds
  • There is a button on the rain curtain on the wall below it
  • Take care not to damage the art

Frihamnen is part of Älvstaden in Gothenburg.

Frihamn means FREE PORT.

Fri, fritt, fria are adjectives meaning free, independent, free of charge.

Hamn means harbour or harbor, port, haven. En hamn –  hamnen – hamnar: A PORT – THE PORT – PORTS).

Älvstaden is the biggest urban development project in the Nordic region of Europe.

Part of this urban rejuvenation and urban development in this part of Gothenburg is Julieumsparken. (Jubileum means anniversary, and Gothenburg is celebrating its 400th birth anniversary in 2021, and park means park but parken means the park). In this park, the city has created many facilities for recreation as part of its planning goal.

In addition to the Mountain or Berget, there are many facilities available for residents and visitors: to swim, to take a sauna, to sail, to grow food, to try out Roller Derby, to spend time on the beach, to have a picnic among others.


Buses 16, 31, 45, 55, 58 pass through the stop named Frihamnsporten, and you can check for precise and more information on Västtraffik.