Soraya Post, Feministiskt Initiativ (FI): With real pleasure from my heart, invite men to join us


Feministiskt Initiativ (FI) is one of Sweden’s political parties but does not have a representation in Swedish Parliament. Interestingly, the party has a representation in European Parliament from Sweden and the member is Soraya Post.

In an interview to Soraya Post told that FI is not only for women but also wants men to join the political movement and the party. She is confident that in 2018 elections, FI will make it to the Swedish Parliament as well, and will fight for the human rights of both men and women for the FI wants to be inclusive by representing different sections of the society.  When asked whether FI represents only women, she said, “Absolutely not. We are not excluding men. We want them to join us because this is not a gender issue.”

Listen to the podcast wherein Soraya Post talks about the state of Swedish politics, how the mainstream political parties ignored the propaganda of right-wingers in the country, why men should join the party, the state of women’s representation in different fields among others.


Soraya Post wants to see real respect for human rights in Sweden and in other parts of the world. Born on 15 October 1956, Soraya Post is a Gothenburger, and has been with FI since its birth in 2006. She is the first member of European Parliament to represent a feminist party, which also has its presence in France and Germany, and the first Roma woman to enter the electoral-political landscape. In the European Parliament she is part of a Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats.

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