Gray, Grey; Grayish, Greyish; Grey Area


Gray, Grey; Grayish, Greyish; Grey Area

There are about 450 shades of grey (the colour between black and white), and the human beings can see about 30.

The difference between grey and gray is: Grey is a British spelling; Gray is American.

Grey has many meanings. Grey functions as noun, verb and adjective. Grey as a noun refers to the colour between black and white: colour of slate, lead, ashes; colour of the cloud or skies, hair.

A grey-haired man was spotted entering into the ATM with a hammer in hand!

The couple have turned grey since I met them a year ago (got old).

Every one of us has to grey.

A grey day is a dull day, or a cloudy day.

Figuratively, grey refers a depressing, or monotonous existence.

After the death of their only son, the couple’s lives started to go grey until they had adopted a grey dog.

Derogatively, grey refers to have no life, or attraction, or viva, having no attractive features, and also refers to anonymity.

Some government officials make the office grey with their attitude.

Some companies contemplate how to get rid of grey men and women including newspapers and television channels.

Grey as a verb refers to going grey or becoming grey: getting old, or turning the colour of hair to white.

With changing lifestyles people have started to grey in their 30s!

The sexagenarian did not grey (his hair is still black), and the secret is? Genes.

Stress can also grey one’s hair, and also one’s biological age.

Grey as a noun refers to the colour of grey. He prefers light grey shirts over dark grey trousers.

Greyish is the British spelling and Grayish is the American spelling. Greyish is an adjective meaning somewhat grey.

Grey area is an undefined area; an aspect or topic or element of a subject that does not fit into one category, that which cannot be labeled, and as a result difficult to deal with.

Once upon a time, transgender people or hijras were in a grey area now they have a category.

The Land Bill is failing to get acceptance in the Parliament because there are lots of grey areas in the Bill.

Grey-headed is an adjective meaning a person with grey-hair, or old.

Grey matter is the material in the brain. Figuratively, grey matter refers to one’s intelligence. What should we do to have a fertile grey matter?

Greyhound is a type of dog. Greyhounds are large, thin and fast-running dogs usually using in dog-racings, and they could also be in grey colours.